Kennedy is an antagonist in Mason 4. He wears a black shirt, green jeans, and has a barrel stuck on his head, and a boat motor is impaled into him through his back. He was a drug dealer trying to get away with his drugs on a small boat, the boat however, isn't made for driving in areas where waves are strong. because of this, Kennedy is flung aroun before falling over and getting part of his left arm sliced off by the boat motor. He still tries getting up, which results in him falling over again and being impaled by the motor crank before it breaks off and pulls him into the water with it. He ends up sinking into the wreckage of a boat off the coast of an island, which unbeknownst to him, is the zombie island. A zombie then rises out of the sand near him and bites him. as he is turning he tries to swim, fails, and falls into the boat, getting his head stuck in a barrel. He leaves his universe with the other, more commonly seen zombies.

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